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Our department is always looking for new members.

Many people have the misconception that joining will require them to perform the hard work of fighting fire or assisting people who are having health emergencies. Fire and EMS is so much more than that, and that is especially true of our department. For example:

  • Going to schools and to help educate our children about good health and safety.
  • Coming to calls for rehabilitative services like providing food and drink to tired fire fighters.
  • Members who help the community by installing smoke detectors in homes.
  • Members who assist in fundraisers to help us continue serving the community.
  • Attending community functions to increase safety awareness.
  • Support members who show up simply to photograph our activities.

The list keeps going. Of course, there is always the side that everybody knows. We also need members who have a desire to serve the community by fighting fire or being a health care provider. If you have a skill and the time to use it to help your community, then stop by the station.

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Please download, fill out on your computer, print, and sign, and then deliver to the fire station. All forms are PDF.

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